Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Top Ten Things Wii thought Wii would Bii

If you followed Wii news during the Revolution days you no doubt knew of and/or believed (some for better reasons than others) many of the following would have been true.

1. Stereoscopic 3d- Nintendo patents galore. The message boards were spilt. Those who believed the next system would use some sort of virtual reality and those who did not. The debates on this subject were pretty ridiculous to say the least. But very entertaining :)

2. Nintendo On- Chances are if you didn't believe it was real you wished it was. Pretty much a Nintendo fanboys' dream. The awkward looking mario character model was kind of a dead give away though.

3. More powerful than the 360- All rumored specs pre-IGN featured a more powerful system than the 360. It was also being developed by the same people behind the CPU and GPU for the 360 and release a year later. Surely it'd be more powerful...right? Right!??

4. 1:1 motion control- While this is being remedied with the release of Wii motion plus... pretty much everyone pre-launch was under the impression that the wiimote could already do that... Oops.

5. 2x RE4 graphics- The Wii is at minimum twice as powerful as the gamecube so nobody was expecting Wii games to actually look worse than RE4 let alone barely better. Imagine our suprise...

6. 512MB is more than enough- According to several super genius message boards posters back in 2005 the Wii's 512MB should have been enough to and I quote " hold every single nes game ever created" and " hundreds of snes titles". Guess VC titles aren't "byte size" after all.

7.Virtual Console games will be free!- When the VC was first annnounced many thought these games would be absolutely free! (lol). Later Nintendo hinted that VC games may be given away free as a bonus with newer titles. Didn't happen.

8. Sub $200 price point- Surely a system this low spec would super cheap right? Wrong. Wii was pegged by journalist and analyst as launching at a $99 price point...then $149....then $179...then $199...then $229. When Newsweek broke the store that it would be $249.99 fanboys didin't believe because surely Newsweek would not get that kind of news before a dedicated videogame site. Surely.

9. Infomation from Fake Revolution "insiders"- Remember Seriousgamer007? I sure do. Pulled so much crap out of his rear that he was invisable. Made fake game announcements as well. Broken Saints blog also claimed to have super top secret revolution info that confirmed stereoscopic 3d. Thanks guys.

10. Make your own games- When wiiware was first rumored many believed that the average joe could simply pony up the $1,700 and get started on Wii games!

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