Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nintendo Crash Test Dummies

I know what you are thinking... what in the world is a Nintendo crash test dummy? Well... chances are if you are reading this... you are one. We crash test dummies are the Nintendo hardcore. Why are we crash test dummies? Because unlike hardcore Sony and Microsoft gamers, we must "prove" why we deserve game A. by buying game B. We are the only fanbase in the gaming world that has to buy other games in hopes of getting similar titles or titles with higher production values or depth.

It has been this way since the later gamecube days, but has gotten much worse with Wii. Developers are afraid to make anything but cookie-cutter Wiisports knock offs and minigame collections nowhere near as good at the titles they are trying to emulate. Publishers are turning down compelling ideas for core titles on Wii because there is "no market" for those kind of titles on the Wii platform. No market? Do these industry "professionals" not read the thousands upon thousands of cries from Wii fans for games not geared towards their mother or their little brother? Wii sold around 4 million consoles its' first two months on the think that was the casual gamer camping out for those systems? Think again.

Let's discuss these "test games". Manhunt 2. Even though the Wii version was handled by a seperate team the Wii version still looks like a ps2 game? Why? Scarface. Another ps2 port except six months late to the party and full priced to boot. Mortal Kombat Armageddon. Another ps2 port 6 months late with online taken out and a much higher price tag. In fact, the Wii version sold for $49.99 even though the game was originally only $39.99 at launch on the ps2 which was also available at $19.99 the day the Wii version was available.

How about putting real effort into the development and marketing of games for what is on pace to be the greatest selling game console of all time? No more excuses. No more stupid tests. No more petitions. Give us good games.