Monday, September 10, 2007

Well what can I say?...

"On publishers not taking advantage of the Wii’s power for graphics: “the traditional, more photorealistic route, because there you really have to push it, and they’re really not pushing it. Why not? Hmmm I don’t know, the hardware is very, very easy to understand. Now the problem might be –and it just might be- is that some studios -or some publishers specifically- are discarding the graphical capabilities automatically simply because it is a Wii title and they’re basically telling the developers “look, we won’t pay for any advanced graphics”.”-

On Wii’s “shaders” and possibilities: “If you connect you can get a lot of shader effects which would’ve been on the 360 or the PS3.” (…)”it’s got so much more power compared to the GameCube. If even with the extremely similar shader hardware, the system clockrate is so much higher, you can do so much more advanced things” (…)”in the photorealistic route there’re certain things which the basic structure of the graphics hardware was not meant for and which you have to find really clever tricks to basically make up.”"-Factor 5

Read the entire interview to get the full story but basically it proves everything the good doctor has been telling you for the past two years.

- The Wii is no GC 1.5
- It's far more powerful than the xbox
- It's powerful enough for "360-like" visuals and effects but on a smaller scale
- Bad graphics on Wii are due to less funding, laziness, etc.

The Wii is plenty powerful. Just not as powerful as the other two. It's in the middle performance wise.

Oh yeah...

PWNED! [face_mischief]

Take that drtre haters.