Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nintendo Delivers Storage Solution and Fans Still Complain!?

Nintendo finally delivered on it's promise of a Wii storage solution. It works great with no hassle and allows support up to 32 gig sd cards. 32 GIGS! So what's the "problem"? It was found that VC and Wiiware games aren't played directly off the sd card and that temporary Wii system memory is used to run the game. In other words... you still need to have enough flash memory available on the Wii or the game can't run.

But what makes this a silly complaint is the fact that all you have to do is transfer your vc and wiiware titles to the sd card leaving plenty of flash memory available. Depending on the speed and quality it only takes a few seconds to load the game (think: around how long it takes to load the internet channel)

I bought a 16 gig sdhc sandisk tonight and it took under 5 mins to tranfer all of my 22 vc and wiiware titles to the card. Lost Winds is the biggest file and it took only 5-6 seconds to load. Even with the 22 titles on the sd card it says I have over 260,000 slots left lol.

Nintendo delivered.

Can't wait 5 seconds for a game to load?

Upset that you aren't "really" playing directly off the sd card?

Cry me a river.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Red Steel 2 to be shown at GDC 09?

If you've followed any of my prediction topics on IGN you'd know that usually I'd just tell you something was gonna happen and keep you out of the loop as to why I believe so. Well today I've decided not to be so vague. There is actually quite a bit of evidence pointing towards a GDC Red Steel 2 showing.

Let's take a look...

- Ngamer has stated that Redsteel 2 will be unvieled in an upcoming issue that hits newstands MARCH 25TH 2009.

- GDC starts on March 23 2009.

-President Iwata is scheduled to speak at GDC on... MARCH 25TH 2009.

- Red Steel 2 is confirmed to use Wii motion plus.

- Redsteel 2 was the first 3rd party game confirmed to use WM+.

-ONM teased a big Wii exclusive only to have it shown at Leipzig a couple days before the magazine hit stores (BWii).

- Tom Salta, Red Steel and Red Steel 2's composer was just confirmed to be a speaker at GDC 2009.


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