Friday, October 31, 2008

How to make the perfect Wii Sonic game...Listen up SEGA

Sonic games have been...ehhh...let's say...less than steller over recent years. Even though I own and admitedly enjoy Sonic and the Secrets Rings there were some major deal-breaking problems in that title. The controls sucked. The voice acting was freaking horrible (as usual). The "new" levels were really missions in the same level but very boring and sometimes damn near impossible.(Racing a fairy?...Really?) The biggest downfall was how awkward it was to go backwards. That was ridiculously bad.

SEGA... since I love you I'll get you this advice free of charge. Here is how you make the perfect Sonic game for Wii:

Story: We don't need it. Ditch the humans. That Sonic/human girl relationship thing in Sonic "next gen" was disturbing. No thanks SEGA. DO NOT WANT. The story should be simple. Dr. Robotnik (yes call him that again. Eggman is corny) is trying to take over the world again. Simple. Just give us some of that always gorgeous FMV at the intro and ending of the game and we'll be set.

Characters: Sonic only. Bring back Tails as an NPC following Sonic ala Sonic 2-3. Knuckles as a playable character AFTER THE GAME IS BEATEN. Do not force people to use him.

Music: Sonic music of today sucks...ass. Don't sing over my sonic music. This 80's cheese rock crap needs to die. People still love the old sonic music because it was really good. As a child one of my cousins told me that a song from a bonus stage in Sonic 1 was his favorite song. HIS FAVORITE SONG LOL.

My suggestion... include remastered perhaps orchestrated tracks from Sonic 1-3. ONLY. Hardcore SEGA fans will eat it up.

Control: Nunchuck/ Wiimote only. Analog to control sonic. Camera should turn to follow Sonic if he needs to go backwards.

Item boxes...bring them back. Add the ability to hold on to these and use them with a slight flick of the wiimote. Jump with A button.

Stage design:
Throw real world levels out the window. Sonic 1-3/Knuckles were so awesome to play because of clever and non-realistic level design. I don't want to see Sonic run throw the old west or new york city. Give me back my corkscrews, floating platforms, and break-away bridges SEGA. Go all out on level design. Bring the platforming back to Sonic. Sonic wasn't all about speed. It was about timing, well executed jumps, speed boosts, and multiple branching paths. This can all be done in 3D. Give it a try.

You're welcome SEGA.


Ben said...
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Bruce said...

It seems you're saying to get back to the roots of the series and I couldn't agree more. Sonic became a hit because of a winning formula. That SEGA refuses to follow that formula in current games just baffles me.

I still play Sonic 1-3 but don't even bother with modern day Sonic. How cool it would be to have that classic feel in a game for today. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.