Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Iwata finally makes good on E3 2005 Promise

"When you turn on the Revolution... and see the graphics... you will say Wow!.. ATI is assuring us of this.." -Iwata @ E3 2005 Press conference

Believe it or not THIS IS NOT FMV. This is real time footage and real time cutscenes integrated using the IN GAME ENGINE. Amazing. I said Wow and I'm sure you did too.


Garrett said...

hi i was wondering when ur gonna be unban on ign forums

The_legend_of_drtre said...

This coming sunday

Anthony said...

Well, I really do appreciate your comments on the IGN boards and your blog. You offer a lot of substantial proof and detail instead of just ranting about random speculation.

As to this entry, I just wanted to say that I never had N64 and never played Super Mario 64, or Sunshine for that matter. But now that I have a Wii, and I've seen these Galaxy videos, I'm so pumped for this game. It's truly going to be an achievement for the Wii.

Matt said...

Yo Tre, you gotta keep this blog going instead of just posting every couple of months. Oh, and are you banned again at IGN?