Saturday, April 28, 2007

Why haven't we said Wow yet?

Iwata said..."When you turn on the Revolution and see the graphics... you will say Wow. ATI is assuring us of this." Now this statement was made at a time when the only games around were internally developed by Nintendo. No 3rd party developers even had development kits then. This comment was made at E3 2005. ATI was telling them that gamers would say wow based on hollywood benchmarks tests, not based on the crappy ps2 to Wii ports we are getting now.

A game that originated on final Wii hardware and has a good 2 years development time probably would make us say wow. Especially considering the Wii's size. Problem is... we won't be seeing games like this until around 2008 from 3rd parties since most of them didn't reveive their dev kits until last may or june. Games like Super Mario Galaxy have already made some gamers say wow at the graphics and that game originated on GC hardware. It is also smart to note that traditionally it has been 3rd party devs that have pushed the graphics of Nintendo systems close to their limits. Not Nintendo. Super mario sunshine was a great looking game but is not considered the best looking GC game by anyone(even though it had hands down the best looking water of any game last gen). There are going to be 3rd party Wii games that spank Galaxy graphically and considering how good that game already looks... that should be exciting. Because of these crappy ports we have been getting the improvement will actually be more exciting.

Late 2008 and on Wii games probably won't even look like there are on the same system as the crap we are seeing now. It will probably be like comparing the character models of Eternal Darkness, which like 98% of Wii games, started it's development on a much weaker console, to the models in RE Remake. There is going to be a significant boots in graphics on the Wii from what we are seeing now but the above average 360 game will always look better.

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ki said...

Please learn how to write properly, your blog is essentially unreadable. If you are younger than 14, or partially mentally handicapped, then I apologize.

You also unfortunately don't seem to have any kind of basic grasp on graphics terminology, yet throw words around without really knowing what they mean. It's unfortunate, because your blog might actually be interesting, if it made any sense.

I would suggest maybe getting off of the computer for a little while and studying some basic grammar and maybe read a book about 3d design/terminology, it would do wonders for your writing.